Things are getting even spookier on “American Horror Story: Roanoke.”

Wednesday’s installment of the FX anthology series introduced a psychic named Cricket (Leslie Jordan), who claimed to be able to tell where Flora (Saniyya Sidney) is. The twist was that he wanted $25,000 for the information. The reenactment revealed that Lee (Angela Bassett) paid Cricket the money, but they didn’t exactly find Flora. Instead, Cricket filled them in on a terrifying — and real — ghost story.

To briefly recap, In the late 1500s John White, the founder of the Roanoke Colony left his wife, Thomasin White (Kathy Bates), in charge after he left to get more supplies. She was instructed to keep the people at that location, however, others began to fight her on that. There was no food and people were starving. Finally, one man took it upon himself to save the Colony. He left Thomasin to die in the woods — her son (Wes Bentley) put the lock on a spiked cage around her head — and relocated the Colony inland.

Thomasin didn’t die though. A sort-of witch (Lady Gaga) appeared before Thomasin and removed the cage. Thomasin gave her soul over to the witch, and then returned to her former colony members as “The Butcher.” She killed the men who wronged her, but spared her son. The farmhouse is on the land that the Roanoke Colony was relocated to.

Episode 3 of “American Horror Story” concluded with Cricket working a deal out with The Butcher. If they got the little ghost girl Priscilla to hand over Flora, then Shelby (Sarah Paulson) and Matt (Cuba Gooding Jr.) would leave the land. Lee went one further and promised to burn the house down — something that Shelby didn’t agree to.

Episode 4 will pick up with Lee still locked up — presumably in connection with Mason’s (Charles Malik Whitfield) death — and Matt on the outs with Shelby. Although Matt can’t remember anything, Shelby knows what she saw in the woods. But ghost infidelity will be the least of their problems next week. Cricket warns them that they made a promise with The Butcher — one that they did not keep. Does that mean that Priscilla will give up Flora, though? A quick snippet from the promo video shows a little girl with a bonnet looking at the word “Croatoan” carved into a tree. Flora can also be seen in another quick clip. However, it might be a flashback as she’s clutching the doll that Lee found destroyed.

“American Horror Story” Season 6, episode 4 will air on FX on Wednesday, Oct. 5 at 10 p.m. EDT.