It’s hard to believe, but we’re already less than a week away from the finale of “American Idol” Season 14 on Fox. After a night of emotional home visits by the remaining four contestants, “Idol” whittled down its list of artists to the top three of 2015.

Rayvon Owen, Clark Beckham, Nick Fradiani and Jax took to the stage Wednesday night to perform what, for one of them, would wind up being the last three songs of the competition. After Owen won the live Twitter save every week it was in play, the performer wasn’t able to keep his head above water and make it to the final three, as Us Weekly noted. The 23-year-old singer went home to Richmond, Virginia, leaving Beckham, Fradiani and Jax as the competitors headed to the finale next week.

Each contestant visited his or her hometown in the latest episode, when the audience really got a chance to know the people moving on to the finals. For those who have been watching all season and those who are just catching up with “American Idol” now, here is a rundown of each remaining contestant to get you ready for the dramatic revelation of the winner of “American Idol” this year.

Clark Beckham

Beckham has captured many hearts this season because of his passion for music. Hailing from White House, Tennessee, he had the good fortune to grow up with a musician for a father. This put the singing bug in him as early as 8 years old. Thanks to the lessons learned from his dad, he’s well aware of the power of music and how important it is to work hard if you want to spend your life in that space with any kind of success. According to his “American Idol” biography, he believes his training gives him insight into where the music industry is headed and thinks it will allow him to climb from being in the competition to become the next great name in musical history.


When it comes to music, Jax said in her “American Idol” bio that, for her, “There is no ‘Plan B.’” Whether it’s through winning Season 14 of the series or simply breaking down every metaphorical barrier in her path, Jax believes she’s destined for musical stardom. Inspired by the career of Lady Gaga, she said she wants to carve out an audience for herself and perform for the fans who mesh well with her. She’s been working hard to make it this far in the competition and will continue to do so with or without the title -- although one outcome would make the journey significantly easier than the other.

Nick Fradiani

With so few people left, and his chances through the roof, Fradiani believes the real key to victory is thinking long term in the music industry after the conclusion of “American Idol” this season. When asked about his greatest musical asset, the Connecticut native said his ability to write songs gives him an advantage. Singing covers of pieces authored by others throughout the competition has been enough to prove to the public that his voice is worthy of a spot in the finale. Once the glamor of the “Idol” stage is gone, however, he’s ready to hit the ground running, producing original music.

The “American Idol” Season 14 finale will be shown on Fox in two parts. The first will begin Tuesday, May 12, at 9 p.m. EDT, and the second will start Wednesday, May 13, at 8 p.m. EDT.