The newest "American Idol" judges, divas Mariah Carey and Nicki Minaj are no longer feuding.

At least, that is what reports are claiming.

According to TMZ, that the two artists agreed that a feud wouldn't be good for the show. But is this just an act?

Earlier this week, the celebrity gossip site reported that the two were arguing just hours after Minaj officially joined the judges’ panel.

Minaj started critiquing a contestant and Carey could not stop interrupting.

The women went back and forth, trying to speak over one another.  One source went on to say that Carey and Minaj tried to cover up the conflict of interest but everyone saw through it, saying, "These girls just don't like each other."

But could this continuous catfight controversy just be to increase ratings for “American Idol”?

In March, “American Idol” had the lowest-rated finale ever, down 32 percent from 2011, according to Billboard. The news prompted a Fox network executive to claim there would be, "creative reinvigoration" of the "Idol" franchise this upcoming season. 

Though Carey and Minaj worked together on Mariah Carey's single, "Up Out My Face," in August, when it was speculated that Minaj was negotiating a deal with the hit talent show, TMZ reported that Carey was furious because she thought she would be the only female judge on "American Idol."

Carey allegedly was so unhappy about Minaj joining the judging panel that she hung up the phone on the producers when they told her about the newcomer. 

Meanwhile, Minaj is getting $12 million for a one-year deal on the hit Fox series, a person in the music industry with knowledge of the deal told the Associated Press. Carey is said to be making close to $18 million.

Maybe an ongoing feud between two of the most popular women in the music industry is just what “American Idol” needs to pull in more viewers.