Everyone has been weighing in and sharing their thoughts on Beyoncé’s new album, “Lemonade.” La’Porsha Renae, the Season 15 “American Idol” runner-up, recently did a Periscope Q&A with fans and said she thought Beyoncé’s latest project was “empowering” because so many women, including herself, can relate to it.

“I actually think that a lot of the pieces [on the album] were very empowering,” La’Porsha said during the Wednesday evening chat. “I watched the clip and unfortunately could relate to a lot of [it] … I was like, ‘Wow, this is really relatable.’ And being relatable is very important when it comes to being an artist.”

“Lemonade” highlights a couple’s marriage problems, including infidelity. It’s believed Beyoncé was singing about her own troubles with rapper/business mogul husband Jay Z.

“I think she did a good job at pointing out a lot of things that are going on and different emotions you go through, different feelings,” La’Porsha continued. “It was really empowering. … If I had to choose between albums, I would probably choose this one over her self-titled album.”

Throughout La’Porsha’s time on “American Idol,” she talked about escaping an abusive relationship with her ex-husband. In an interview with Fox 411, the single mother explained that she and her ex got married young and didn’t really get to know each other before jumping into their relationship.

“I grew up in Christianity. They preach a lot that you should get married and be a wife and be a virtuous woman and all of that,” she explained. “So I was eager to do that and I didn’t really take the time I needed to grow into my own. And I ended up running into a really bad situation. I didn’t even really date my ex-husband. We just kind of jumped into it.”