Jay Z is stirring up a batch of his own lemonade.

According to reports, the rapper is squeezing out the benefits of Beyoncé’s popular visual album “Lemonade,” which premiered April 23 on HBO, by creating new music.

“Jay is working on an album telling his side of things,” a source dished to Us Weekly, adding that the rapper is currently in the studio, recording tracks for the forthcoming project.

Jay Z’s upcoming tunes will respond to his wife’s shockingly raw album that addressed the couple’s marital issues. In Beyoncé’s sixth studio album, she calls her husband out for lying and cheating with lyrics like: “Tonight, I regret the night I put that ring on.”

But an insider revealed to People magazine that since the album was released, the musical duo is “stronger” than ever. During Beyoncé’s Miami concert last month, which kicked off her Formation Tour, the artist dedicated her hit song “Halo” to Jay Z. “My beautiful husband, I love you so much,” she said to Jay Z, who was sitting in the crowd.

A source explained to E! News that the reason Jay Z looked so relaxed following the release of “Lemonade” was because he was involved with the making of Beyoncé’s extremely honest album.

“Jay was involved in the creation of Lemonade and knew every song Bey was going to release,” the insider said, revealing that he knew the lyrics and was aware of the implications. “He had to approve the songs before release … Jay is all about self-expression, so he gets it.”

And, apparently, he’s also about the money.

“Jay is a very smart businessman,” the source continued. “Bottom line is that they are both really smart, and they both saw dollar signs.”

No wonder the two were spotted smiling as they rode a golf cart together in Miami! And it looks like Jay Z is about to make a sour situation even sweeter by releasing his own album to respond to his wife’s chart-topping tunes.