NBC's “American Odyssey” will return Sunday with an episode titled "Fubar Bundy." The TV series' 10th episode is about Yusuf Qasim's revenge and Frank's captivity. It will feature the show’s main cast, including Anna Friel, Peter Facinelli, Treat Williams, Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje, Sadie Sink, Jake Robinson, Omar Ghazaoui, Elena Kampourish, Daniella Pineda, Nate Mooney, Grégory Fitoussi and Jim True-Frost.

"Fubar Bundy" will show events that happed after the episode "Figmo," wherein Luc rescued Aslam and Odelle, Sophia helped Peter and Odelle found out about Luc's past. "Figmo" aired May 31.

Alert! This article contains American Odyssey Season 1 spoilers. Read only if you want to know more about it. TV Guide reports that Luc Girard (Fitoussi), Sergeant Odelle Ballard (Friel) and Aslam (Ghazaoui) will hold Frank (Akinnuoye-Agbaje) as their captive. They must also decide what to do with him. Meanwhile, Ruby Simms (Pineda) realizes that her mission is far from over. And former U.S. Attorney Peter Decker (Facinelli), contacts Yusuf Qasim again.

The Internet Movie Database (IMDb) provided a list of this episode's guest stars, who include Sherman Augustus (Frank MacDonald), Anthony Azizi (Yusuf) and Juri Henley-Cohn (Kharon). A preview of the upcoming “American Odyssey” episode was posted on the YouTube channel of Television Promos. In it, Yusuf is shown as a disgraced man who is determined to get his revenge. It also shows Peter talking to him. Peter will try to stop Yusuf from killing someone.

“American Odyssey” is a TV series created by Peter Horton, Kay Foster and Adam Armus. It is about a U.S. company that funds Islamist terror groups and a team of American soldiers that was attacked by the same company. One of the soldiers was Sgt. Odelle Ballard, who survived the attack. Together with Decker and political activist Harrison Walters (Robinson), they will try to expose the company and the cover-up that happened.

“American Odyssey” Season 1, episode 10, "Fubar Bundy," airs at 10 p.m. EDT Sunday on NBC. Click here to see sneak peek photos from this episode including a picture of Treat Williams as his character, Col. Stephen Glen.

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