Not long after footage emerged of Amy’s Baking Company owner Samy Bouzaglo accusing Fox’s “Kitchen Nightmares” host Gordon Ramsay of sexually harassing his wife, a sneak peak at Ramsay’s return to the Scottsdale, Ariz., restaurant reveals that Amy, Samy’s wife and co-owner, refuses to work with male chefs in her kitchen in the Season 6 episode.

The Wrap obtained the exclusive video where Amy, who infamously had a social media meltdown when Ramsay walked out of their restaurant during their first stint on “Kitchen Nightmares” in Season 5, explains her strange logic to the Scottish chef when he walks into the back and realizes there aren’t any men there.

“I feel comfortable working with girls because my kitchen is so tiny. We bend over, we bump into each other,” she explained to the 57-year-old host. “And male chefs, their ego is too big and it's too little, my kitchen, so they leave. I show them the door."

But ego isn’t the only problem Amy has with male chefs. 

“And they don't have my standards, they can't clean like I do,” she said. “It's like they're doing me a favor. This is how we work. I work meticulously because my customers deserve it.”

It should be kept in mind that as Bouzaglo’s insulting male chefs around the world, she’s also explaining herself to a world-renowned chef.

[Click here to watch the footage, courtesy of The Wrap]

This of course isn’t that outlandish for the Bouzaglos. In a clip that was posted to YouTube on Nov. 5, 2013, Samy ranted about Ramsay. "You harassed my wife, sexually harassed, in the kitchen, he did. He did that," he said.

"He is nothing," Samy said of Ramsay, "because I show him I am not the other restaurants. He did what he wanted from other wives. Put them on the war between husbands and wife. He tried. He tried!"

Check out Amy’s Baking Company for their encore on “Kitchen Nightmares” Friday at 8/7c on Fox.

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