Gordon Ramsay
Amy's Baking Company owner Samy Bouzaglo alleged chef Gordon Ramsay sexually harassed his wife Amy during the filming of "Kitchen Nightmares." Reuters

Fans of Fox’s “Kitchen Nightmares” may know that things didn’t work out well when Scottish chef Gordon Ramsay visited Amy’s Baking Company in Scottsdale, Ariz. But Samy Bouzaglo, one of the owners of the company, alleged that the celebrity chef sexually harassed his wife and business partner, Amy, during a rant that was posted to YouTube in November 2013.

After Ramsay left ABC during its first stint on “Nightmares” in May 2013, he returned to Scottsdale to check up on the owners who became overnight sensations from their outrageous episode -- in which tempers ran high, and they were even accused of stealing tips from their employees. The episode was originally selected as the season premiere of “Kitchen Nightmares” but it was pushed back to April 11.

On Friday night, Fox replayed Amy’s Baking Company's old episode, which millions of people saw and became perhaps the most talked-about “Kitchen Nightmares” episode. But the drama didn’t end with Ramsay leaving the Scottsdale restaurant.

Amy's husband said in the clip posted November 5, 2013: "You harassed my wife, sexually harassed, in the kitchen, he did. He did that," he said

"He is nothing," Samy said about Ramsay, "because I show him I am not the other restaurants. He did what he wanted from other wives. Put them on the war between husbands and wife. He tried. He tried!"

[Check out Samy’s rant here]

“More drama!" Amy chimed in. "And we fired him," Samy added. "Don't believe what he say – he left in the middle of the night. We had this coming out. He wasn't supposed to air our show. And they did – it was not finished!"

Accoring to Radar Online, production wanted to Bouzaglo to keep quiet about “Kitchen Nightmares,” but the controversial duo refused despite being threatened with a lawsuit. Amy apparently believes they can say whatever they want about the show and Ramsay because there will be no serious repercussions.

“They can’t sue us. I want them to sue us,” she said, according to Radar Online. “If they had to sue us they would have sued us long ago. They can’t. It will go straight to arbitration and with all of the proof that we have, and the documentation we have that they can’t run away from. They know that they can’t.”

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