A group of self-proclaimed anarchists clashed with police outside the Astor Place Starbucks in the East Village over the weekend, leading to the arrest of three people. The anarchists gathered outside the Starbucks on Saturday night and began to smash in the windows using metal pipes. Frightened customers dodged the shattered glass by ducking under tables, and luckily none were hurt.

It was scary, we didn't know what was happening, a witness told the Daily News. There were a lot of them with bats and wearing masks.

Although no customers were hurt, the Daily News reports that one officer was hit in the head with a pipe and another suffered minor injuries. The anarchists were a small group of a large gathering that had left the Fifth Annual New York City Anarchist Book Fair at Judson Church near Washington Square.

As they left the book fair, the anarchists began to chant slogans such as F--- the NYPD, All pigs must die, and Cops are murderers, officials report. The group set out with the intent of vandalizing commercial property and many spray painted anarchist symbols around the area. 

However, book fair organizer Wayne Price insists that the book fair did not have anything to do with the ensuing riot. Different publishers put of their books, there are workshops and discussions. We did not organize the demonstration.