Russian great-great-great-grandmother Anastasia Khoreva lived to be 105 years old, but she decided to cut her life short rather than wait to die.

The woman's tragic decision to hang herself came after she was diagnosed with a lung infection, the UK's Sun newspaper reported Tuesday.

Though she survived both world wars, the Russian Revolution and a host of other hardships in her long life, a neighbor in her hometown of Darsun, Russia, said she was done waiting:

It's a strange thing to do at her time of life but she used to say she was fed up with waiting for death - so she wanted to go and meet it

The elderly Anastasia Khoreva reportedly waited for her family to leave her home before hanging herself with a clothesline in what a family member said was her second suicide attempt:

She'd tried once before saying she'd had enough, but that time we managed to stop her. This time we weren't so lucky.

The case of Anastasia Khoreva, though in Russia, is an interesting commentary on the state of suicide politics. America has criminalized suicide, and prosecutors tried Dr. Jack Kervorkian four times for assisting suicides, never getting a conviction but sending the message that suicide is not an option in the United States.

But the truth remains that sometimes a person's pain is too hard to bear, and cases such as this one bolster the argument that humans should have the right to choose how their days end.