“Anchorman 2” is closer to reality with an announcement by Will Ferrell, dressed as Ron Burgundy, on Conan. With only a few hints about what to expect from the “Anchorman” sequel, Judd Apatow has announced a release date.

What we know so far about “Anchorman 2” is that the original cast will return, Adam McKay will direct,  Apatow is set to produce and the script will be written by Ferrell and McKay. There was a teaser poster featuring an extra leg as well as a teaser trailer reintroducing the characters of the comedy hit.

“Anchorman 2” does not have a title yet but it now has a release date. McKay broke the news on Twitter, saying, “It's official. Anchorman 2 has a release date: December 20, 2013. Very excited.” Apatow quickly followed suit, announcing on Twitter, “One year from tomorrow Anchorman 2 will be in theaters!! It is kind of a big deal.”

“Anchorman 2” or “Anchorman: The Legend Continues” will also feature at least one new face. The Wrap had announced Kristen Wiig was set to join the cast earlier this month. Wiig would star as a love interest, possibly the wife of Brick Tamland (Steve Carrell).

While making the press rounds for “This Is 40,” Paul Rudd discussed returning to “Anchorman” and playing Brian Fantana. Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter, Rudd said, “I know we are going to be shooting it in the spring.” Laughing, he continues, “I hope it's good. I know that's the reason my hair looks like John Taylor from Duran Duran right now. I'm not cutting it until we start. I can't wait but I don't know much about it.”

Apatow is one of the few people to have actually read some of the script. Speaking to MTV, he said, “We read it a few weeks ago and people were laughing so hard that at about 40 minutes in we all just ran out of gas. It was hard to read the whole thing because we got tired [from laughing].”

Apatow also said the plot was a carefully guarded secret, even more secret than the upcoming “Star Wars” sequel.