Andrew Bynum, the injured center of the Philadelphia 76ers, roused some interest -- or disinterest, rather -- for his new hairdo, which many have criticized as being good, bad and ugly.

Despite sitting on the sidelines since September with a knee injury, 24-year-old Bynum has been getting tons of attention from his new haircut long before his hits the court again in 2013. For example, Sports Nation said his hair is "slowly transitioning from Don King to Chia Pet" after Bynum flattened and parted his afro. Buzzfeed has the before and after photos.

Some of the best headlines?

TMZ: "Andrew Bynum, What's Up With The Hair?" It added that his hair looks like Dora the Explorer.

USA Today: "Andrew Bynum Has The Strangest Hair Ever."

The Big Lead: "Andrew Bynum: His Hair Remains Out Of Control, Insane and Everything Else." It also called him "the long-lost sixth member of One Direction."

Larry Brown Sports: "Andrew Bynum's Hair Is Similar To The Don King Look."

And Yardbarker, which takes the cake: "Andrew Bynum's Hair Makes Me Wanna Puke."

"Haha, seriously Andrew Bynum do something with that nonsense," Yark Barker wrote. "You gotta be single, because no girlfriend would ever let you leave the house looking like this. ... Thing was definitely road kill at some point."

Others are giving it attention, but not nearly as much as Deadspin, which penned a column with the title "Should Andrew Bynum Cut His Hair?" and a simple one word article: "No."

But Bynum is no stranger to harsh jokes online. The Score even has a blog dedicated to whether or not he is wearing a costume. A post on Thursday has bullet points with evidence for and evidence against his attire.