As days go by it appears that more and more complaints are being added to the long list of issues with the recently released Android 4.3 Jelly Bean operating system from Google.

Following reports of slowed performance speed, freezing and Bluetooth incompatibility associated with Android 4.3, many users across Nexus devices are also finding that their Wi-Fi fails to automatically reconnect to saved locations. According to the ever increasing reports on the AOSP Issue Tracker, once an Android 4.3 device is taken out range of a common Wi-Fi access point for even a few minutes, the device will be unable to reconnect when it is once again within signal range. The problem appears to be largely occurring with Galaxy Nexus handsets running Android 4.3; however, Nexus 4 owners have also reported experiencing the same issue.

Currently, many Android 4.3 users have been able to remedy the issue manually by toggling their Wi-Fi off and on again, or by accessing their list of networks. A common theory suggests that the issue may be localized to older Wi-Fi routers. The Galaxy Nexus itself is also an older device, having released in 2011; however, a definitive origin to the problem has not been discovered.

Despite this issue being considered minor among the complaints with Android 4.3 Jelly Bean, with Wi-Fi being an essential component to any mobile device, it is one many hope Google will resolve soon with an optimization update, likely Android 4.3.1.

Countless users are currently left with only manual fixes to the problems brought to their devices by Android 4.3. Thus far, Google has only sent out a fix for the issues with Netflix. The video streaming app, which is now comes standard on Nexus devices through Android 4.3 would freeze a device completely at start up, leaving it functional only after a hard reset.

While that issue was quickly addressed and resolved, other issues such as the splash page freezing, random device shut downs and never ending reboot loops, issues with the gallery and camera apps, sluggish performance and faulty sensors, incompatibility with Bluetooth Keyboards, and apps not downloading from the Google Play Store all remain unresolved outside of user intervention.

Have you had Wi-Fi issues with your Android 4.3 updated Galaxy Nexus or Nexus 4? Let us know in the comments below.

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