When Google stages its annual I/O Developers Conference in San Francisco later this month, one revelation to watch for is the next Android touchdown. Android Lollipop is set to be replaced by Android M, the key features of which will be known soon, reports say.

Short of releasing the software, it has been Google’s tradition to use the I/O gathering as a stage for informing Android developers about the upcoming platform. Emerging reports point to fresh features and functionalities that the tech giant has cooked up for the next Android build. Here are some of them:

Greater User Control

One exciting revision to come with Android M is the likelihood that users will be permitted to unlock applications running on the operating system, to some extent, giving them greater control. The basic idea of this rumored improvement is users can regulate or event restrict the permissions granted to a given before installation, Bloomberg reported. The core benefit of this feature, when applied, is that Android device users can redefine application access to sensitive data such as photos, contact details and location. Obviously, the winner of this Google initiative is users’ privacy and security but it remains to be seen if the plan will come into fruition. It should be noted that for iPhone and other iOS device users, greater user control of apps is a privilege long enjoyed.


Likely using near-field communication or NFC technology, Nearby will finally make the final Android M cut after some false alarms in the previous versions. Nearby, Android Police said, is a solid candidate for the next Android this year and could soon be activated by a Play Services update. When in use, Nearby will detect devices, people and places in a given area of coverage. With the permission of users, its behavior also pre-defined, the application will initiate communication and eventual interaction.

Voice control

Android M is also envisioned to start the hands-free control or navigation of mobile devices so the software will come packed with Voice Access, Phandroid reported. As implied, the feature allows for app interaction through voice control that will complement the now prevalent touch control access.

Material Design

Material Design redefined the Android Lollipop last year and signs are aplenty this core Android feature will again take center stage with nice touches of improvements from last year. Per 9to5Google, the Google I/O this 2015 is dotted with sessions on the topic, which should serve as sufficient indicators that Material Design 2.0 is in the works.

Google's 2015 I/O kicks off May 28.

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