A number of leaks regarding the upcoming launch of Google Inc.’s (NASDAQ:GOOGL) Android Wear platform give a peek at what’s in store from the tech giant as it expands into more wearables. On Tuesday, Twitter account @upleaks released images purporting to show the full specs of the LG G Watch, which will face off against Motorola’s Moto 360 later this year.

LG said in March that the G Watch would be the first Android Wear release, and that the device was coming in summer. Rumored for release in the U.K. on July 7, the LG G Watch is also expected to greet attendees at the Google I/O developers conference later this month as one of the tech giant's free giveaways.




If the tweet from UpLeaks turns out to be true, the LG G Watch will contain a Qualcomm APQ8026 processor – possibly the same one found in Samsung’s Galaxy Tab 4. If that’s the case, a quad-core, 1.2GHz processor can be expected for the LG G Watch, which lines up with an earlier report from Android Police’s Artem Russakovskii. The rest of the leaked specs, which reportedly show a page from the G Watch owner's manual, include 4 gigabytes of storage, a 1.65-inch display at 280x280 resolution, which makes for 240 pixels per inch, a 400 mAh battery and a Micro USB connection.




While the battery is rated to last up to three days, according to the document, it can be recharged in roughly two hours. However, it says that the LG G Watch will feature 4 GB of RAM, four times the memory that Russakovskii quoted. Could it be a misprint? The document also gives the LG G Watch an official model number of LG-W100.

UpLeaks shared a video earlier this month that it said was the animation displayed on the LG G Watch when it was turned on. However, the circular nature of the animation seems to better match the Moto 360, meaning it could be the standard boot screen for all Android Wear devices. The Verge asked if the Android logo that appeared at the end of the animation was Google’s new look for its mobile ecosystem.




One site says the LG G Watch will be priced at £169, or roughly $279 (USD). If that holds true, those looking to purchase a Moto 360 might expect to pay more than the $249 figure, which several sites reported after Motorola used it as a suggested value for a giveaway contest.