Andy Dick was all but written off the D-list over the past couple of years, as a series of missteps and angry tirades left him in the company of leeches and lepers in Hollywood.

But that all appears to be changing, as he continues to knock 'em dead on Season 16 of "Dancing With The Stars."

Perhaps Dick sensed that this was his last chance to turn his career around, or maybe he just really embraced the dancing competition and decided to give it his all. Either way, it's working, as love pours in from all quarters on Twitter.

Andy Dick and his partner Sharna Burgess kicked off the season in week one of "DWTS" with a rousing performance of the foxtrot, which wowed audiences who were expecting the washed-up actor to fall -- perhaps literally -- on his face.

And the show kept rolling Monday night, as Burgess and Dick performed an exciting jazz dance routine that had the Twittersphere gushing over the duo's moves. Click play below to check it out for yourself:

"Aw Andy Dick is trending Good for him. He is the comeback kid. #DWTS," tweeted @nicole812us, demonstrating that perhaps everyone deserves a second (or third, or fourth...) chance.

Many Twitter users, like @DiscoChrisco, found it heartening to see Dick -- who long struggled with addiction -- back on his feet.

"Andy Dick looks fantastic on Dancing With The Stars! So great to see him clean and sober.#DWTS," she tweeted.

And it appears he may be doing the show good, as some users said they tuned in only to watch him.

"Prolly watch dancing with the stars only cause of andy dick," tweeted @jsmoothjr3.

And Dick may even be drawing some new viewers.

"@andydick I only accidentally caught you on DWTS - i never watch it. Your dance was joyful and fun. good job," tweeted @rb3868.

No matter what you think of Andy Dick, who has been known most recently for his embarrassing outbursts, ranging from a vile anti-Semitic rant to publicly urinating, this is a good time for him and his legion of new fans. Let's see how he does as the season progresses.