Fresh off a 26-16 victory against his old team on Thursday night football, Kansas City Chiefs head coach Andy Reid had every reason to be in a good mood when Sal Paolantonio approached him for a post-game interview. However, the ESPN reporter quickly discovered that the former Philadelphia Eagles coach wasn’t in a talking mood.

Paolantonio approached Reid on the field after the conclusion of Thursday night’s game between the Chiefs and Eagles -- a routine occurrence in the NFL. Still, the Chiefs head coach resisted the interview from the start, Deadspin reports.

Paolantonio began by congratulating Reid on his victory over the Eagles, to which Reid responded by saying, “you’re blocking me.” Reid then turned to embrace several Eagles players, facing away from the camera as the ESPN reporter stood by on national television.

Reid eventually turned to face Paolantonio, but offered curt replies to the reporter’s questions. When asked what he thought of Chiefs quarterback Alex Smith’s performance in the Thursday Night Football game, Reid extended a simple response -- and refused to stop walking toward the locker room.

“I thought he did a great job. I thought he played very well,” Reid told Paolantonio. The Chiefs coach also took a shot at the reporter, telling one of his assistants to keep walking. “This guy’s not that important, right here,” Reid said, referring to Paolantonio.

Paolantonio tried to steer the interview back toward Smith, asking Reid to talk about a critical play in which the Chiefs quarterback converted a third-and-ten play on his own 5-yard line. Again, Reid’s response was awkward. “That was big. That was as big as Sal Paolantonio, baby,” he said.

It isn’t clear why Reid was so combative during his interview with ESPN. Deadspin raises the possibility that Paolantonio may have “cut the line” in being the first reporter to talk to Reid, given the presence of NFL Network’s Alex Flanagan.

A video of Sal Paolantonio's awkward interview with Andy Reid can be viewed below.

[h/t Deadspin, For The Win]