Hundreds of friends, family and fans have been mourning the death of "Mob Wives" star Angela "Big Ang" Raiola, who died after a fight with cancer last week. Many people sent donations and cards, while others sent large flower displays made up of  some of Raiola's things she enjoyed the most.

Raiola's Instagram account shared photos of flowers put together by her family. Some of the arrangements included a bottle of Patron, her dog, her lips and stiletto heels. The people involved on the VH1 show sent over roses spelling out her name, while show creator Jenn Graziano made her logo.

You can see what the flowers look like in the post below:


These are just some of the countless amounts of floral arrangements that were sent to Angela. They were too beautiful not to share with all of you. You'll see her siblings were very creative from having pieces made of her favorite drink, to little Louie her dog, stiletto heels, and the drunken monkey pouring wine into a glass. Other pieces included Ang's lips made by her cousins, the Pastels billboard and disco ball by her best friends, and the Chanel logo from her children. As for her VH-1 family, they sent the beautiful boxes roses spelling out her name, where as her mobwives co-stars sent her tag line "get over it." The shows creator Jenn Graziano created Angela's logo to appear just a big and colorful as was our star. Some other efforts included smaller pieces and arrangements as well as hundreds of Mass cards and countless amounts of donations to St. Jude's children's hospital in her honor. We know Angela would definitely thank you all for these beautiful displays of color and vibrancy, which is what she had, and she would most definitely want to share their beauty with you all.

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Raiola died of cancer on Feb. 18 at the age of 55 after battling the disease for almost 10 months. The "Mob Wives" star was diagnosed with throat cancer in April 2015 and it appeared as though she was cancer free after undergoing two procedures. However, in December 2015, she was diagnosed with Stage 4 brain and lung cancer.

Funeral services for Raiola were held on Monday in Brooklyn, New York, at St. Athanasius Church. She had four viewing  services prior to the funeral. Co-stars Marissa Jade and Carla Facciolo were in attendance for the services, as was her estranged husband Neil Murphy, brothers, Stephen Raiola and Louis Raiola and sister, Donna Raiola. 

Raiola will appear throughout the upcoming sixth season of "Mob Wives." Her battle with cancer will briefly be touched on, but her final days were not filmed. When her condition worsened, production did not put a crew together, TMZ reports.