Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt have finally saved their marriage and are "seriously in love," a new report claimed Wednesday. The report comes as Jolie and Pitt were spotted at low-key outings over the past few weeks amid rumors about their divorce.

Jolie and Pitt have gone “from the verge of a split... to seriously in love," Life & Style magazine reported, citing a source. The couple has “been fighting and spending time apart, and things had gotten so bad recently that friends believed they were headed for divorce.” The magazine also claimed that the two are now together because “they managed to fight their way back from the brink.”

However, Gossip Cop debunked the report saying that Jolie and Pitt never faced any marital problems.

Over the last few months, the two stars have been battling divorce rumors with several reports claiming that they are living separate lives. Rumors also surfaced that Pitt's close relationship with his co-stars was one of the reasons behind the trouble between them.

But the couple's recent family reunion, during their twins Knox and Vivienne's birthday celebrations at the Griddle Cafe in West Hollywood, gave rise to speculation that things might be working fine between them.

Earlier this month, rumors surfaced that Jolie and Pitt are planning “crisis talks” to save their marriage after the actress realized how “far apart” they had gotten as a couple. Jolie's health issues also have been blamed on their rumored relationship problems. Some reports claimed that Jolie was "furious" after Pitt got in touch with his ex-wife Jennifer Aniston.