Angry Birds franchise developer and publisher Rovio Entertainment took to Twitter on Monday to announce that “Angry Birds 2” hit 10 million downloads – just over 3 days after its release.




The sequel to “Angry Birds” is not quite like the original, Rovio wanted to make it more challenging for players so it implemented a “limited lives” system similar to that of King’s “Candy Crush Saga.”

This is causing controversy with long-time “Angry Birds” fans, to get new lives you can wait 30 minutes, watch some ads – or make an in-app purchase, which can be frustrating to players who are used to grinding out unlimited hours on the game without forking out the cash.

Altogether Rovio has 15 different titles that feature the Angry Birds, following the release of “Angry Birds 2” on July 30. Check out the trailer for "Angry Birds 2" below.