After spending four months in prison for allegedly running a brothel in New York City , Anna Gristina who has been nicknamed the Soccer Mom Madam was released out of the clink on Tuesday night.

Thank you everybody, 44-year-old Gristina told reporters as she left the Manhattan Detention Complex. I just want to be with my family.

Gristina was charged in February with moonlighting an escort service for prominent clients including law-enforcement officials, who would tip her off if she was about to be discovered.

Gristina was greeted upon being released from prison by her husband, Kelvin Gorr, and her nine-year-old son, Nicholas, who had long stem roses for her.

We'd like to thank all the people from the city that have contacted our office today to support Anna Gristina. The nightmare of her bail ends today, and trial preparation starts tomorrow, her attorney Norman Pattis said.

According to The Associated Press, Scotland-born Gristina ran an upscale escort service for over 15 years, accumulating $10 million. She was arrested on Feb. 22 leaving a fundraising meeting at Morgan Stanley for her business. Her assistant, two alleged prostitutes and a money-launderer were also arrested.

Gristina pleaded not guilty to promoting prostitution, saying she was only running a dating service, not a brothel. Manhattan state Supreme Court Justice Juan Merchan initially placed her on a $2 million bond and, after appeals, reduced it to $250,000 in early June.

Anna Gristina will be placed on bail and required to wear an electronic ankle bracelet.