By now True Blood fans are already aware that Anna Paquin is pregnant, and along with husband Stephen Moyer are expecting their first child together. Paquin is due this fall, which brings the question: Will Sookie be pregnant on an upcoming episode of True Blood?

Anna Paquin portrays mind-reading Louisiana bar maid Sookie Stackhouse, while Moyer plays  Bill Compton (Vampire Bill) on HBO's hit series True Blood. While playing love interests on screen, the two fell in love off screen and were married in August 2010. Moyer, 42, already has two children from a previous relationship, Lilac, 10 and Billy, 12.

With all the hot and heavy hook up scenes on the show (remember when Vampire Bill came out of the ground covered in dirt) it's no surprise that the two are expecting. But will Paquin's pregnancy have an effect on the show?

True Blood's fifth season airs June 10, and the show is already halfway through filming, reports Season five might be able to complete filming without catching a baby bump, but what about season six?

One option that could possibly be in the show would be writing Anna Paquin's pregnancy into the series. While the Charlaine Harris books, which the show is based off of don't portray Sookie pregnant, the bar maid definitely has plenty of men in her life to make things interesting.

The series could follow in the footsteps of fellow vampire entertainment, Twilight, by having Vampire Bill or Viking Vampire Eric (Alexander Skarsgard) be the fanged father to Sookie's baby. While a vampire/human baby can't technically happen as points out, the Louisiana town of Bon Temps has seen crazier things.

Another baby-daddy possibility for Sookie is the handsome werewolf, Alcide (Joe Manganiello). The flirting between these two has gone on long enough. With Alcide's ex-girlfriend Debbie (Brit Morgan) out of the picture after he caught her with another wolf, it seems like the timing is finally right for these two. A scene already leaked from season five of True Blood shows the pair getting into a bit of a heated argument. As True Blood fans know, heated arguments generally had Sookie and Vampire Bill ripping each other's clothes off. It's possible that the same could happen for Sookie and Alcide.

True Blood is no stranger to pregnancies. Carrie Preston who plays Arlene Fowler on the show was portrayed as pregnant last season. Season four showed Arlene struggling with the fact that her baby might be evil because his father was a serial killer.

Season four also had Jason Stackhouse (Ryan Kwanten) running into some problems when his girlfriend Crystal (Lindsay Pulsipher) drugged him to try to get all her relatives pregnant with panther babies.

If panther babies exist, then there seems to be no reason why the show can't have a vampire Sookie baby or a werewolf Sookie baby.