Anna Watson, the University of Georgia cheerleader, has become an overnight sensation not because of her great looks or sensual moves but because of her ripping muscles and her recent refusal to a $75,000 modeling contract.

Reportedly, the modeling assignment which she turned down required her to follow a strict regimen of intense workouts and consuming legal steroid Anavar on a daily basis.

Anavar, which is known as one of the world's best oral anabolic steroids, is a legitimate steroid and is quite effective for gaining high quality and clean muscle mass. The steroid is also renowned for being the mildest oral steroid available today and is quite harmless for liver but it definitely causes some major side effects if consumed for a long run.

Anavar Affects Menstrual Cycle

Though the mild steroid does not cause facial hair or voice change in women, yet large dosage of Anavar taken for long time, can significantly affect the menstrual cycle, resulting into difficulty in pregnancy. As reported, shape of clitoris can also be changed by consuming this steroid.

Causes Liver Problem

Anavar is known to be mild on liver in comparison with any other synthetic steroids. But the steroid contains c-17 alpha-alkylation, which causes chemical alteration, hepatic problems and damages the liver of the consumer permanently.

Increase Blood Pressure and Cholesterol Level

Anyone with high blood pressure or high cholesterol levels should not use Anavar, doctors insist. A person with a family history of heart disease should also avoid it as that can increase cardiac risks.

Causes Insomnia, Nausea and Drops Libido

Anavar causes insomnia.  Consumers even experienced loss of libido after taking this steroid for long time. Experiencing nausea or changes in skin color are also among other side effects of Anavar.

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