Digital activist group Anonymous Operations has announced on Friday to hack Syrian Embassy all over the world in response to the internet crack down in the country to quell the pro-democracy demonstrations.

It has come to our attention that the tyrant and human rights abuser Bashar Assad the so called president or dictator of Syria has shut down the internet within Syria, thus further isolating and terrorizing the freedom loving people of Syria who have already suffered so much from this evil regime, Anonymous said in an online advisory note posted on

So today we will begin a program of removing from the internet the web sites of the Syrian Embassies abroad. We will begin with these two Targets which we will delete from the interwebz at precisely 9:30 AM SYT on Saturday - June 4, 2011, the note further added. 

 According to Renesys, Internet connections belonging to the Syrian government are still live. The network prefixes that remain reachable include those belonging to the Syrian government, although many government websites are slow to respond or down. The Oil Ministry is up, for example, and Syrian Telecom's official page, but the Ministry of Education is down, as is the Damascus city government page, and the Syrian Customs website.

So long as Assad remains in power and the criminal and evil regime retains its ability to torture, kill, and imprison their own people; Anonymous will continue this campaign of removing the Syrian Embassy web sites from the internet and interfering with the communications channels via Black Fax and E-Mail Bomb campaigns. The butchers of Syria can damn well EXPECT US, Anonymous further added on