Is another main character leaving ABC’s “Mistresses”? The summer drama has yet to be picked up for a fifth season, but one of its stars may be out. Rob Mayes has been cast in the new CW drama, “Frequency.”

Mayes, who plays April’s (Rochelle Aytes) new husband Marc on “Mistresses,” is becoming a love interest for another character on “Frequency.” The new series, which is set to premiere on Oct. 5, is about a New York City detective named Raimy Sullivan who discovers that she’s able to communicate with her dead father on an old ham radio. Of course, there are more twists than that. Raimy is currently in present time, and her dad is stuck in 1996. The ham radio messes with the timeline, complicating things for Raimy.

Mayes has landed a recurring role as Detective Kyle Mosbey. According to Entertainment Weekly, Mosbey is “charming,” yet “cocky,” and “challenges Raimy’s idea of the perfect guy for her.”

“He understands that life on the job can leave little room for a conventional relationship, but neither can deny their connection,” his character description continues.

Season 4 of “Mistresses” concluded this past Tuesday. Although a fifth season is up in the air, things ended on a good note for April and Marc. A time jump following Karen’s (Yunjin Kim) death revealed that the couple got married and welcomed a healthy baby girl, Stella. Marc decided to give up touring in order to stay home and raise their daughter.

“Mistresses” Season 5 is looking grim due to low ratings, but if it is renewed, Mayes’ casting doesn’t necessarily mean that the series will have to write him off.  Actress Alanna Masterson joined Season 4 as Karen’s babysitter Lydia while still portraying Tara on AMC’s “The Walking Dead.” Mayes could find himself in a similar situation with different filming schedules allowing him to portray both roles. If that’s not an option, Marc could always decide to follow his dreams and go on tour. Mayes would then become the third main character to leave the series. Alyssa Milano left the series after Season 2, and Yunjin Kim departed in Season 4.

Catch Rob Mayes on “Frequency” when it premieres on the CW on Wednesday, Oct. 5 at 9 p.m. EDT.