During Monday night's Home Run Derby a man fell over a stadium railing trying to catch a ball hit by slugger Prince Fielder. Keith Carmickle was almost the victim of  second baseball-related tragedy in just a week, when he stood on a table above his seat at Chase Field in Phoenix, Arizona and jumped for a flying baseball.

Carmickle extended himself over the railing to catch the homer, but was thankfully caught by his quick-handed friends, who grabbed Carmickle by the ankles and pulled him to safety.

Carmickle was headed for a hard landing when his friend, Aaron Nelson, grabbed his legs and his brother, Kraig, grabbed him around the arms. The crowd above and below gasping, Carmickle dangled briefly over a deck where a couple of cameras were positioned behind Chase Field's pool before his brother, Nelson and a few fans pulled him back to his seat, an AP Sports report said.

Last week, a man named Shannon Stone fell from the bleachers in Texas trying to catch a ball thrown by Rangers' Josh Hamilton. Stone hit the concrete below and was taken to the hospital, where he died.

According to the AP story, Carmickle and his party had already caught two home run balls, one from Robinson Cano and one from Adrian Gonzalez.

The three men celebrated the near-death experience and were allowed to stay in their seats. Although it has not yet been confirmed, it is speculated that Carmickle ordered another beer after the fall.