A Florida man is facing burglary and robbery charges after he allegedly tried to hold up a Checkers in Miami and hid in the chain restaurant’s freezer.

Anthony Michael Demore allegedly shattered a window of the Checkers and demanded money from employees around 7 a.m. Monday, according to Miami television station WPLG.

Employees then ran to another area of the restaurant and called 911, while Demore broke another window and ran into the restaurant. The workers then fled the Checkers.

As police responded to the scene, Demore hid in a freezer, where he was holed up for more than an hour.

“It’s quite bizarre how this gentleman was able to hide in this freezer,” Miami Police Sgt. Freddie Cruz told WPLG. It’s unclear how many hours he was in there. We’re not thinking he was in there all night, otherwise it’s possible he could’ve lost his life.”

Demore allegedly told police that he didn’t intend to rob the Checkers. He said he owed $2,500 in drug money and was being chased, so he went to the Checkers to hide.

Video of police apprehending Demore showed that the Florida man was shirtless and wearing swim trunks.