Donald Trump wants New York City mayoral candidate and serial sexter Anthony Weiner to get out of the race, calling the scandal-scarred politician a “joke” as Weiner dealt with criticism from the AARP for deridingly referring to rival George McDonald as “grandpa.”

“Weiner, it’s time for you to get out. You’re a total joke,” Trump said Wednesday in a Vine video:

Trump’s call for Weiner to give up came as the former congressman faced heat over something unrelated to his recurring sexting scandal.

At a mayoral forum hosted by the AARP, Weiner got into a contentious exchange with McDonald, a 69-year-old minor Republican candidate, whom he called “grandpa.”

The “grandpa” comment came shortly before the debate got under way as McDonald and Weiner greeted each other. Weiner suggested he was not happy with McDonald repeatedly calling him a “freak” on the campaign trail. McDonald told Weiner not to put his hands on him during the exchange, and the former congressman responded by telling McDonald that he had anger issues.

“I don’t have any anger issues,” said McDonald, an entrepreneur who is running on the Republican line.

“But you do, grandpa,” Weiner responded. Watch the video below:

The AARP, which jointly sponsored the Tuesday morning candidate forum with Univision, criticized Weiner over the “grandpa” remarks.

"AARP found some of yesterday's comments regarding age unfortunate, especially at a time when, according to a new AARP survey, nearly one quarter of New York's 50+ voters say they or a family member have experienced unwelcome comments about their age and nearly half are concerned about age discrimination,” the organization said in a statement sent to TPM. “A person’s age should not be a factor in politics, or anything else."

Weiner, 48, entered the New York City mayor’s race in May. In July, some polls saw the former congressman vault into first place among Democratic candidates, but his standing slid after it was revealed that he carried on sexting with 23-year-old Sydney Leathers after his first sexting scandal forced him to resign from office in 2011.