Could the end of the world really look like this?

With the supposed apocalypse less than 12 months away, a new After Effects video, showing the end through the eyes of surfers, has gone viral.

Titled Apocalypse Later, Surf Now, the video has been making the rounds through various blogs, Twitter feeds and other social media outlets.

If the world came to an end, where would you be? Better be #SURFING! wrote one user.

Stunning take on how the world will end, wrote another.

Accompanied by an eerie soundtrack, the two-minute video was shot with the a waterproof, shockproof and very versatile GoPro camera, commonly used by surfers around the world.

According to the creator, identified as keef70 on YouTube, the original video was then sprinkled with visuals of the apocalypse via Maya, Mocha and After Effects.

With more than 160,000 views, keef70 has been active in responding to comments about his video.

The surfers decided to stay behind and if this is their last day alive, they're going to die doing what they love . . . I purposely left it in a grey area (no pun intended) so people could interpret it their own way. But the original storyline had more of a 'we brought this on ourselves' idea rather than an invasion from an external enemy, wrote the creator.

Scroll down to watch the end of the world as imagined through the eyes of some brave surfers, in Apocalypse Later, Surf Now. (Suggestion: crank up the volume and view in full screen).