After Lil Boosie’s release from prison, a massive concert scam seems to be sweeping the nation, TMZ reported Tuesday. Several people have already fallen victim to the scheme, at the cost of $25,000 apiece. The gossip site identified three victims, two in Dallas and one in Detroit. 

One of the supposed victims, LaToya Thompson, told TMZ she saw a Boosie booking flier on Instagram and called the phone number. She was transferred to a man who claimed to be the rapper’s brother TQ, who in reality normally takes care of Boosie's bookings. She said “TQ,” or the person who claimed to be him, told her to wire him $25,000 so she could book a Boosie for a concert in April. As soon as she successfully transferred her money and the $25,000 was gone from her possession, “TQ” disappeared.  

Thompson sent the contract she signed to TMZ. The document lists a Giovany Productions as the company behind the bookings, but a contact number is not listed. The only way to get in touch with "Giovany" is to send an email.

Boosie denies ever giving permission to any company to book him. He told TMZ all bookings must go through his brother TQ, the real one, and TQ denied working with the alleged victims. Both Boosie and the real TQ told TMZ they plan to file police reports. Thompson also said she filed a police report.

The other two victims apparently have a similar story to Thompson's. One told TMZ he booked Boosie for an appearance last week and the rapper -- naturally -- never showed up. He added that “TQ” would never answer his phone calls. But the main problem is that Boosie was probably never informed about the supposed appearance in the first place. 

It's barely been two weeks since Boosie was released from prison. He had been an inmate at the Louisiana State Penitentiary since 2009. Now that he's been released, Boosie, 31, told BET he wants to eventually wants to reach “Jay Z status.” The rapper would like to be involved with film, sports and management ventures one day, just like HOV.

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