A leading financial consultant has suggested that recent signs of a return to risk-taking could prove to be good news for people Buying Gold. 

Peter Fertig, a consultant at Germany's Quantitative Commodity Research, said that an increase in market-based risk can often be directly correlated with increases in Gold Prices as a result of its inverse relationship with the US dollar, according to Reuters. 

He told the news provider: Stock markets have recovered and that indicates that at least a little more risk-taking is coming back into the market.

That is usually positive for gold via the US dollar, because more risk-taking means investors are shifting out of the safe-haven dollar into risky assets.

The increase in the global appetite for risk has been fuelled by Dubai's recent averting of a debt default.

Last week, JP Morgan suggested that Gold Prices could reach $1,300 per ounce over the next few months - a forecast that will have been buoyed by today's 0.5 per cent European price rise.