Apple Inc. has made some price changes to content in its international App Stores because of changes in the foreign exchange rates and local tax laws in those countries.

An Apple spokeswoman told CNET that the price adjustments are minor and limited to the App Store and the Mac App Store, but not the company's hardware.

According to MacRumors, changes are in six countries: the U.K., Australia, Japan, Mexico, Switzerland, and Norway. For some, the changes have resulted in a decrease and an increase for others.

MacRumors has it that the U.K., Mexico and Norway have seen price a price increase, while the others saw a reduction.

Apple Inc. is also allowing a seven-day free trial period for iPhone and iPad users in Taipei. This service is only being offered in Taiwan because its Consumer Protection Act calls for a week of free trial period for web purchases, according to Taipei Times.

That reported further stated that Apple customers can return application software for a full refund within that seven-day period of purchase and will no longer be authorized to use the apps.

Yeh Ching-yuan, director of the commission, applauded the new mechanism and called it a victory for customers in Taiwan.