Apple CEO Steve Jobs may have only six weeks to live, according to the US-based tabloid National Enquirer. The magazine has published photos of Jobs taken on February 8 outside Stanford Cancer Center that show Jobs looking extremely thin and frail.               

According to various media reports, an extremely skeletal-looking Jobs can be seen getting out of his car just one day after he was spotted at work on Apple's Cupertino campus.

The Enquirer is reported to have interviewed critical-care physician Dr Samuel Jacobson, who viewed the photos and said the Jobs appeared close to terminal.

I would say he has six weeks, Jacobson reportedly said.

Dr Gabe Mirkin, a physician with supposedly 40 years of experience, told the tabloid: He is terminal. What you are seeing is extreme muscle wasting from calorie depravation, most likely caused by cancer. He has no muscle left in his buttocks, which is the last place to go.

He definitely appears to be in the terminal stages of his life from these photos. I would be surprised if he weighed more than 130lb,Mirkin reportedly told the tabloid.

Job's battle with cancer started in 2004 and he reportedly went to Switzerland in 2009 to undergo a rare radiology treatment.

Earlier, the Wall Street Journal had reported that Jobs also had a secret liver transplant in Memphis.

Jobs announced his medical leave in January in an email to employees, saying the board of directors has granted me a medical leave of absence so I can focus on my health. 

The Apple CEO, who is worth $6billion, is putting up an amazingly brave battle and even did a full day's work on February 7, the day before he went to the Cancer Centre. 

Jobs, who is currently on his third medical leave, has battled a rare form of pancreatic cancer for seven years. Only about 4 per cent of patients with any form of pancreatic cancer live longer than five years, the Enquirer reports.