Apple is world's leading original equipment manufacturer (OEM) in terms of semiconductor purchasing in 2012, according to a latest report by the research firm iSuppli. The Cupertino tech giant has not only been ranked first in the list of top 10 OEM semiconductor buyers, but has also increased its buying at a faster rate than other top firms, solidifying its dominance over the chip market, the report said.

As per the IHS iSuppli OEM Semiconductor Spend Analysis report, Apple is expected to buy nearly $28 billion worth of semiconductors this year, up 15 percent from $24 billion in 2011. The forecast reveals that Apple will dramatically outperform the No. 2 purchaser, Samsung, allowing it to remain the world's top OEM semiconductor buyer - a position it has held on to since 2010.

The table below presents the IHS forecast of the Top-10 OEM semiconductor buyers in 2012, ranked by purchasing revenue.