“Error 3200,” an error message, which shows up when users try to upgrade to iOS 5, has become a widespread problem. The problem arose when too many users tried to download the new version of the software at the same time.

Also certain other problems have been reported from users trying to upgrade to iOS 5, which include the failure to access iCloud. Yet another error message reported by those trying to update their iPhones is “Error 3004,” which refers to iTunes not being able to connect with Apple's update server. The reason behind this is also the same as that for “Error 3200.”

While users are trying to get through to the Apple servers to get their iPhones reactivated, this problem has led to many requests not being satisfied. It is reported that Apple's servers are accepting only about half the requests. In addition to this, users have reported that the download takes about 15 minutes if access is granted. A further concern is regarding the backup process, which even after a successful download, is found to have 3 hours of waiting time, which is much longer than what is commonly expected

Is there a way out of the problem? The answer could be lying in what some users have been reporting. After trying many times, some users found that the error message, which made their iPhones useless, vanished for some unknown reason. So continuing with the download could be one way out of this problem.