At the WWDC 2015 conference, Apple unveiled the much-anticipated iOS 9, among other products. The system comes with a new set of apps, along with improvements to existing features and services. The search option has been improved, along with smarter Siri, stronger privacy controls and enhanced battery life. With many improvements and additions, here is a roundup of information pertaining to the release date, compatible devices and the space/memory requirements for the new OS.

Apple iOS 9 Release Date

While many Apple device owners are awaiting the global release of iOS 9, others are looking to see if this OS update will be rolled out to their older devices. According to Phone Arena, Apple is gearing up a different release format for the iOS 9. Along with the iOS 9 developer beta, users can get access to an iOS 9 public beta. But readers must note that the public beta version will be unstable.

The iOS 9 developer beta can now be downloaded, and the public beta will be made available in July. The actual iOS 9 release date to the public is expected in the fall of 2015.

Compatible iOS Devices

Every year, Apple tends to drop old handsets from the list of compatible devices for the next iteration of OS. But this year, it has opted for a different method altogether. Apple will reportedly maintain the same list of compatible iOS devices that were chosen during the conversion of iOS 7 to iOS 8. Therefore, here is the list of eligible devices for iOS 9 update:

iOS 9 Eligible iPhones

  1. iPhone 4s           
  2. iPhone 5
  3. iPhone 5s
  4. iPhone 5c
  5. iPhone 6                             
  6. iPhone 6 Plus                    

iOS 9 Eligible iPads

  1. iPad Mini 2         
  2. iPad Mini 3         
  3. iPad Mini
  4. iPad Air 2
  5. iPad (Third-Generation)               
  6. iPad (Fourth-Generation)           
  7. iPad Air
  8. iPad 2   
  9. iPad (Third-Generation)               
  10. iPad (Fourth-Generation)           
  11. iPad Air

iOS 9 Eligible iPod Version

  1. iPod Touch (Fifth-Generation)

Required Memory Space For iOS 9 Update

With last year’s iOS 8 memory problems in mind, Apple has made sure the iOS 9 update does not turn out to be unmanageable in size. The new software update will gobble down approximately 1.3 GB of memory space. In comparison, the iOS 8 required a whopping 4.6 GB.