The Apple iPad 2 continues to steam through competitors to uphold its top position in the tablet market by achieving an unprecedented milestone of 100,000 available applications specifically developed for iPad.  Apps for iPad and iPad 2 utilize the large 9.7 inch touchscreen display and A5 dual processor to run more intensive functions. 

The introduction of iPad in 2010 sparked a tablet frenzy leading to another successful run with iPad 2.  Since the iPad tablet's inauguration, the number of apps has grown from 3,000 to 100,000 within 16 months. 

Apple's iPad 2 success has also boosted company plans in future shipments for next quarter to 14 million from suppliers.  According to DigiTimes, the supply from overseas will increase from this quarter's 9 million to 14 million in the third quarter of 2011. 

There appears to be assurance that no shortages will occur as reports indicate Apple is aggressively piling up its inventory and parts for display touchscreens.  The popular iPad 2 tablets put the company in a major backlog as supplies and production could not keep up with customer demand.  The iPad tablet line has sold an impressive 25 million units in just over a year.  If the company can maintain its pace of selling 2.76 million iPads a month for the remaining of this quarter, expect to see roughly 8 million sold units by September. 

This brings either good news or bad news for Apple users.  The good is that there appears to be an abundant amount of iPad 2 tablets to fulfill the demand for the rest of this year.  The bad news may be that the iPad 3 will not be launched amidst the current heavy production of iPad 2 tablets.  Those waiting for the iPad 3 might need to hold out a bit longer or give in and buy an available iPad 2.