Apple iPad 2 mania gripped China as customers and scalpers formed serpentine queues outside at Apple's four stores in Beijing and Shanghai.

AppleInsider reported that the iPad 2 went on sale in China at 8 a.m Friday. CNET reported that the first stock-out was reported about four hours later. The slimmer, faster and lighter rendition of iPad was also available on the China Apple Online Store where BY Friday afternoon; iPad 2 shipping estimates had reached No Supply status.

CNET reported that a security guard outside the Beijing Apple Store confirmed that hopeful buyers had queued up at around 4 a.m. The number of buyers had swelled from 500 to 1000 by the time the stored opened.

Also in the milieu where scalpers who according to AppleInsider were willing to sell the device to customers at a premium of $30.When iPad 2 hit stores in U.S. in March NewYorkPost reported that Chinese scalpers had lined up outside Apple Store in New York to get hold of as many iPads as they could to later sell the tablets in China at a premium.

Scalpers at New York doled out $100 bills to five cohorts who then went and disbursed the amount to more than 200 Asians waiting outside the queue, who then cleared iPads of the shelf. NewYork Post reported that one of the scalpers demanded $1700 for a top of the line iPad 2 which is priced at $829. However much of the merchandise was shipped to China.

China is a thriving market for Apple a fact punctuated by Apple's plan to open 25 stores in China. WSJ reported that after Apple released the iPad in September sales of tablet PCs jumped from 600,000 units in the third quarter. CNET reported that Apple was able to corner 78 percent of the tablet demand in China. Apple has proved that it's not merely an American phenomenon but has the ability to draw crowds even outside U.S. borders.