Apple's March 7 release date for the iPad 3 is one day closer, and the rumors are flying with such abandon, it's not hard to see how the event could easily be a let down. Aside from having someone other than Steve Jobs introduce the new iPad, there are so many questions surrounding how the device itself is made, it could prove to be a distraction. As the online hype builds, people will be getting their hopes up too high, only to see then dashed when that one critical feature they were counting on is nowhere to be found.

A rumored price bump of around $70 likely won't help that feeling any. It's easy to say 'ah iPad 3 doesn't have xx feature; it's too expensive anyway.' It is expensive, though, and Apple deserves credit for selling millions of iPads despite this fact. In fact, prices seem to be so high on tablets in general, the only other device to sell well has been the Amazon Kindle Fire with its $200 price tag. On the other hand, if people want revolutionary features like Siri voice recognition, they have to pay for it. Apple seems to be the master at carefully bridging this gap, but with the iPad 3, even that my change. One of the most persistent rumors is the iPad 3 will have a greatly improved display resolution. But, even that may not be so great as its been hyped up to be because to notice it, you'd have to hold it up right next to another device.

Smart shoppers may take the time to actually do this, but most may not. Furthermore, by adding a higher powered display and the rumored 4G LTE antenna, Apple will need more battery power to make up for it. Good battery life has long been a hallmark of Apple devices, so iPad 3 could take a battery life hit if these much-desired features are included. Finally, unless Apple drops the price a bit more on the iPad 2 when the new one debuts, consumers will start turning to the slew of quickly improving Android tablets. Let us know in the comments if you're keeping an eye on the iPad 3 launch or if you're waiting for the Google Talbet or Kindle Fire 10-inch rumored to be in the works.