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At Apple's iPad unveiling in San Francisco, the company announced that "the new iPad" will feature voice dictation technology, but will leave out its AI personal assistant Siri, which is still exclusive to the iPhone 4S. Siri may have debut

iOS 14 Tip: How To Use Compact Siri

Apple has updated Siri in iOS 14, so that it will have a more compact interface that doesn't take up a lot of space on the screen. Along with the smaller interface comes a slew of improvements that makes the digital assistant more useful than ever. Here's how to use the more compact version of Siri in Apple’s latest software update.
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Apple Watch: How To Stop Accidental Siri Activations

Despite the Apple Watch's helpful features, it does have one major problem: Siri's accidental activations. Here's how to stop the digital assistant from unintentionally activating and joining in on conversations.
Apple Watch - Hard Fall Feature

Apple Watch Tip: How To Use Control Center

The Apple Watch Control Center makes it easier for users to do certain things like silencing the device and pinging a missing iPhone to locate it, among others. Here's how to access and use the Control Center.


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