iOS 14 Tip: How To Use Compact Siri

Apple has updated Siri in iOS 14, so that it will have a more compact interface that doesn't take up a lot of space on the screen. Along with the smaller interface comes a slew of improvements that makes the digital assistant more useful than ever. Here's how to use the more compact version of Siri in Apple’s latest software update.

Apple Watch: How To Stop Accidental Siri Activations

Despite the Apple Watch's helpful features, it does have one major problem: Siri's accidental activations. Here's how to stop the digital assistant from unintentionally activating and joining in on conversations.

Apple Watch Tip: How To Use Control Center

The Apple Watch Control Center makes it easier for users to do certain things like silencing the device and pinging a missing iPhone to locate it, among others. Here's how to access and use the Control Center.