Expected to be the biggest Apple tablet ever, the iPad Pro is reportedly gearing up for release. As rumors and speculation keep mounting, Apple is silently filing patent-after-patent for new technologies, believed to be part of the upcoming tablet.

Value Walk said the Cupertino, California, company’s iPad has been the “most successful tablet in the world” but demand for tablets is waning. In the meantime, analysts say, the tablet market has reached a saturation point. However, Apple is not the one to give up hope. The tech giant reportedly plans to introduce a tablet with cutting-edge configurations.

Apple seemingly a one-of-a-kind add-on with the Federal Patent Office. Made famous by Samsung in the form of S-Pen stylus in the Galaxy Note series of devices, Apple also reportedly is working on a stylus with an “in-built camera unit.” This means, the stylus will be able to detect the surface on which it is hovered and replicate the texture/feel of various fabrics for the device user. This technology is believed to be part of the iPad Pro or any other device scheduled for release in the future, notes Value Walk.

Technically, the haptic or tactile feedback reportedly uses the “modulation of friction forces between the fingers of a user of the device and the source of the feedback,” Value Walk said. Several modifications in voltage levels will be used for this stylus capability. This technology will be able to go beyond the current limit of “detecting the touch at the exact tip” of the pen, FPO said, even though use of the stylus will not be as flexible as finger touch.