Straight from the live blogs of Apple's Cupertino Let's talk iPhone event, Apple has some exciting announcements. The technology giant has taken the wraps off iPhone 4S, which will come pre-installed with the new mobile operating system iOS 5.

Though Apple fans felt slightly let down because they were expecting the launch of iPhone 5, iPhone 4S, which is set to hit the stores on Oct. 14, is no pushover. It comes with 8-megapixel camera, advanced voice-recognition features and, most importantly, it's powered by iOS 5.

The iOS 5 will have plenty of connectivity; here are some of the most exciting changes to the mobile OS.


A button on the lock screen will take users from the screen directly to the camera. Also photographers will be able to edit photos right on the iPhone. They can crop, reduce red-eye, and auto enhance photos with the touch of a button.

Game Center

Game Center is a social gaming app for the iPhone. Achievement points, friends and photos avatars are to be added. The Game Center will be much more integrated and social.


Apple announced the Safari Reader, which will strip out all of the ads and distractions out of Web articles by pressing a button next to the URL. Now readers will get a clean white screen with just text and pictures. Also, Safari will have tabbed browsing.

Computer-less Set Up

You won't have to plug your iPhone into a computer for first-time set up. The iPhone will just welcome new users and they will be able to slide a button to start the set-up process. Then after just a few questions, users will have their new iPhones ready to go.

iCloud and iTunes Match

The iCloud is an online storage service from Apple. The service stores media online and automatically pushes it to all of your iOS 5 devices. iTunes Match is a optional service ($24 a year), where users can upload music and everything that is in Apple's music library will be streamed to your device. Then everything that isn't in its library will be in stored in the iCloud.

Family and Friends

The Family and Friends is Apple's version of Four Square. Now you can find your kids with via GPS, and indicate to friends if you're open to hang out.