In the wake of numerous reports suggesting that the next generation Apple iPhone, dubbed the iPhone 5, would feature an enlarged 4-inch screen and will ditch the traditional 30-pin dock connector in favor of a smaller 19-pin version, new cases have surfaced in the UK that only substantiate all these notions.

The iPhone 5 cases, cropped up via Mobile Fun UK's unnamed sources, fit a bigger 4-inch screen and also include room for the smaller 19-pin doc connector and the relocated headphone jack as rumors have been suggesting over the past few months.

The site said that case manufacturers in China and elsewhere have started producing cases for the upcoming iPhone iteration. Although it's quite risky to produce cases for a phone that hasn't been announced yet, the ever increasing rumor mill and information held by the manufacturers themselves have convinced them to take it as a worthwhile endeavor.

Reuters claimed earlier this week that the iPhone 5 would be available in October and will come with a 19-pin connector port at the bottom instead of the proprietary 30-pin port 'to make room for the earphone moving to the bottom'.

The report also stated that incorporating a smaller doc connector would increase possibilities of new product designs or a bigger battery, or simply to make ever smaller products.

However, questions have been raised over the issues that such a redesign of the iPhone could break compatibility with the majority of iPhone and iPod docking devices available in the market. But recent reports suggested that Apple might release an adapter allowing old accessories to be used.

iMore reported, based on information obtained from its original sources, that there will be an adapter for the iPhone 5's smaller Dock connector that will let it work with many of the accessories designed for the old 30-pin Dock connector.

We haven't heard if one will be included in the box along with the iPhone 5, or will only be sold separately, but either way, come October, you'll be able to get a new-to-old Dock adapter from Apple, said the report.

The new smaller doc connector is likely to be released at the iPhone 5 event and is expected to be used in almost all iOS devices after that, including the rumored 7-inch iPad mini.

The iPhone 5 is highly anticipated to feature a much-improved processor. According to previous rumors, the device would be powered by a new variant of the A5X processor, while some recent reports suggested that Apple could launch its next-generation iPhone built on Samsung's Exynos 4 quad-core processor in the second half of this year.

Other rumors surrounding the iPhone 5 give the idea that the future flagship Apple phone will feature a larger 4-inch Retina display, 4G LTE technology, Near Field Communication (NFC) and a smaller dock connector. Other rumored features and specs also include 1GB RAM, iOS 6, improved Siri, liquidmetal casing, an 8 megapixel (or even higher) rear camera, a 2 megapixel front-facing camera for video chatting and a much-improved battery life.