Apple is predicted to unveil its iPhone 5 at a press event today, Sept. 12, after a long period of anticipation, gossip and speculation about what the next-generation device will feature. The company has a history of keeping its plans under wraps, although the Internet has been flooded with purported photos and leaks of what is expected to be the iPhone 5.

Although the biggest unveiling to hit the stage today will (hopefully) be the iPhone 5 announcement, the Cupertino, Calif.-based company has a history for throwing in some surprises. Rumors have indicated that a refreshed line of iPod Touch devices and a brand new iPad Mini will debut alongside the highly anticipated smartphone.

The iPhone 5 release date has been projected to be the biggest handset launch in history, but will today's event live up to the hype? Here's a recap of previous surprises that have been revealed at Apple keynote events.

1. No iPad 3, Which Could Mean No iPhone 5 Either. When Apple was set to unveil its next-generation iPad, expected to be called the iPad 3, many Apple followers were surprised to discover that it would simply be called the "new iPad." The Retina Display tablet was referred to as the "new iPad" throughout the entire keynote, which could mark a new era of the way Apple products are named. Before the third-generation iPad was revealed, rumors also indicated that it could be called the iPad HD. Perhaps, since Apple's upcoming iPhone 5 is expected to undergo a significantly slimmer redesign, it will also simply be called the "new iPhone." Fans will have to wait until later today to know for sure.

2. No iPhone 5, or 'One More Thing.' At Apple's "Let's Talk iPhone" event in October of 2011, many fans expected the iPhone 5 to be unveiled. Users were surprised to find out that the fifth generation iPhone would actually be called the iPhone 4S, but that wasn't the only unexpected news. Apple revealed some quirky features to come with iOS 5, such as the ability to purchase greeting cards from one's iPhone through Postgram and the "Find My Friends" service used to locate family and friends on a map. However, perhaps the most shocking aspect of the 2011 event was the absence of late CEO Steve Jobs and his trademark "One More Thing...." closer.

3. The iPod Nano With Video. In 2009, Apple unveiled the iPod Nano with video camera at its Apple Music Event. This could have been a response to the portable camera devices that were popular at the time, such as the Flip camcorders. But perhaps even more surprising was the appearance of Steve Jobs on stage, who made it to the keynote event after his liver transplant, receiving a standing ovation.

4. The Second MacBook Air. When Jobs prepared to introduce the second-generation MacBook Air, which is the first MacBook to use all Flash storage, he opened his speech with one question: "So we asked ourselves, 'What would happen is a MacBook and an iPad hooked up?" The result was the all new MacBook Air, which came equipped with Mac OS X Snow Leopard and an HD LED-backlit glossy widescreen display.

5. Steve Jobs Likes Internet Explorer. Flashback to 1998, and the former Apple CEO will admit where Microsoft had triumphed-with Internet Explorer. At the Macworld keynote that took place more than a decade ago, Jobs referred to Internet Explorer as "the best Internet software for getting online in the world" alongside its Mac OS 8.1 reveal. Don't believe it? See the clip below.

Will Tim Cook revive the "One More Thing" tradition, or is it gone forever? Apple users will have to wait until later today to see if any surprises, disappointments or shocks are in store for today's event.