With the projected launch date of the iPhone 6 less than six months away, interest in Apple Inc.’s (NASDAQ:AAPL) next smartphone is heating up. Flaming those interests, two separate images of possible iPhone molds were leaked on Sunday, as well as a set of clear cases late on Friday. But are these images to be trusted, or are they fakes?

iphone6_chasis1 Schematics for a potential iPhone 6 Photo: Courtesy Weibo

The first set of images, originally published on the Chinese site Weibo, were supposedly taken in a Foxconn plant in China. The images show both paper and computer drawn schematics, outlining the design of the iPhone 6, and a metal die that looks similar to the iPhone’s current design.

iphone6_chasis2 Computer schematics for a potential iPhone 6 Photo: Courtesy Weibo

The photos lack any verifiable data, so their authenticity is questionable. The schematics and molds could be for a prototype iPhone, similar to the photos leaked recently of an iPhone with a protruding camera. It also appears like the cast is for an iPhone with square edges. Current rumors state that the iPhone 6 will mimic the original iPhone and have rounded edges. 

iphone6_molds_die2-800x528 A possible iPhone 6 mold Photo: Courtesy Weibo

While the designs cannot be verified currently, another website, Nowhereelse.fr, took a picture of a very similar die with an iPhone 4 for scale. The French website went one step further and measured the cast using math. Based on the assumption that the mold is missing a piece, as noted by the drilled holes that are for setting inserts, the French site stated that “the dimensions of the box will be determined by the widest part and not the bottom of the mold.”

iphone_6_mold_comp_1 A possible iPhone 6 mold with an iPhone 4 for scale. Photo: Courtesy Nowhereelse.fr

Nowhereelse.fr superimposed an iPhone 5 image onto the cast as a reference. The image shows that the dimensions of the mold would roughly give a 12cm screen, or 4.7 inches, which is in line with current rumors. The iPhone 6 is said to come in a 5.5-inch version as well, but the larger of the two is experiencing manufacturing difficulties.  

iphone_6_mold_comp_2 A possible iPhone 6 mold with a superimposed screen for reference. Photo: Courtesy Nowhereelse.fr

Late last Friday Nowhereelse.fr leaked pictures of two possible iPhone 6 cases as well. The iPhone 6 cases came in two different sizes, which aligns with the potential 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch versions of the iPhone 6.

iphone_6_cases_crystal Clear cases that are potentially for the iPhone 6. Photo: Courtesy Nowhereelse.fr

The cases also have two cutouts, one on the left top and one on the right side. While one is most definitely for a power button, conflicting reports state that the power button will move from the top right to either one of those positions. Because of the inclusion of both, it could mean that the iPhone 6 cases are fakes. 

iphone_6_cases_crystal_annotated The annotations show where the cases have power button cut outs. Photo: Courtesy Nowhereelse.fr