Although Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) is mum about the launch of a bigger iPhone this year, media reports keep flowing in suggesting that the next-generation iPhone, dubbed the iPhone 6, is expected to feature a larger screen compared to the current iPhone 5s. And now, some analysts are saying that a bigger iPhone, along with other new products, could benefit the company's stock some more.

According to Brian Blair of Wedge Partners, “Apple’s next array of products” is expected to provide an “opportunity for investors,” and provide the company’s shares with an upside of more than 20 percent in 2014, Barron’s reported Wednesday, adding that Blair believes Apple’s stock could rise to between $600 and $650 over the next 12 months.

According to Blair, the iPhone 6 could feature a 4.8-inch screen and is likely to be released in the fall, “addressing a product gap that will drive strong adoption, particularly in Asia and at new carrier partner China Mobile.”

Blair also said that Apple has been working on 12-inch panels for a potential new product -- perhaps the next-generation iPad or a new Macbook Air -- which is expected to be shown at this year’s Worldwide Developer Conference.

Here's what Blair predicts to see from Apple this year:

iWatch or iBand: “We expect Apple to release a wrist-worn computing device with a curved screen that will tie-in notifications, activity tracking, and fitness/health monitoring into a platform [where] developers can create new applications.”

Mobile Payment: “This fall, we expect Touch ID to be built into ALL of the new iPhones and iPads. Either ahead of or shortly after the rollout of Touch ID across the next wave of iOS devices, we believe Apple will introduce its payment platform.”

iTV: “We see Apple ultimately launching a large panel, 4K television with Apple TV functionality and iOS-like applications integrated into the television.”

Meanwhile, Andy Hargreaves, an analyst at Pacific Crest, upgraded Apple's stock to “outperform” and gave it a $635 price target. According to him, the iPhone 6 could feature a 4.7-inch display and may hit the market by year's end, Slate reported.

Hargreaves also predicted that the iPhone 6 could be priced at $299 under a contract, $100 more than what Apple charges for the iPhone 5s, adding that the negative reception to the iPhone 5c shows that Apple's customers will not mind spending more for a better product.

Check out the table here:

iPhone6-PacificCrestApple Hargreaves' assumptions about the iPhone 6 business. Photo: Pacific Crest via Slate

Hargreaves also said Apple will not launch two iPhones in 2014, and instead come out with only a 4.7-inch iPhone and save the 5.5-inch iPhablet for later.

“Apple is likely to choose its opportunities and timing extraordinarily carefully and release new products or services only when it feels it has the best chance to succeed, which does not mean it is not innovative, just that it is not dumb,” Hargreaves said.