Apple has ordered production of 15 million iPhone 5s to start selling to consumers in September.

The arrival of Apple's new iPhone, the iPhone 5, has been one of the most watched and anticipated news events in recent months, as speculation has focused on exactly when and what the Cupertino, California-based technology company will do in regard to launch.

DigiTimes cited suppliers in a report Tuesday saying Apple has ordered contract manufacturer Pegatron to begin production of 15 million new iPhones for a September sales launch.

Apple had delayed its typical summer launch of its new iPhone, the iPhone 5, and reports have consistently linked Apple with a September launch date for its new iPhone 5.

Pegatron is based in Taiwan. The company had no comment about the report.

The DigiTimes reported that the iPhone 5 does not seem to have any major update from iPhone 4, but that it's already set for shipment in September. The report said parts are already being supplied to Pegratron from plants in Shanghai, China, and that the Taiwan company is ramping up hiring to meet production demand.

Minor updates for the iPhone 5 (4S) from Apple's iPhone 4, released a year ago, are expected to include a dual-core processor and a better camera. The unit also may have steel casing, instead of the glass casing used with the iPhone 4.

Apple's stock has been a laggard as of late, dragging behind the broader tech index, as investors have closely watched its launch of the iPhone 5, to determine demand and what changes the company may make in pricing and product upgrades.