Just ahead of Apple's much anticipated 09/09/09 event later today, the company quietly dropped prices for its line of iPods.

The iPod touch line has seen the 8GB model drop from $229 to $189, the 16GB from $299 to $249, and the 32GB from $399 to a wolf-whistle-inducing $279.

Cuts in the iPod nano reduce the 8GB model to $129 from $149 and the 16GB to $149 from $199. And not to feel left out, the 120GB iPod classic is now $229 instead of $249.

The iPod shuffle has remained stable at $79.

Apple has announced new iPod models every September since the introduction of the original in 2001.

However, dropping prices on the current models before the new ones are announced is unusual. It usually continues to sell the current models until the new models are announced.

We will have more on Apple's big 09/09/09 event later today. Stay tuned.