Apple filed motion for Preliminary Injunction in US District Court in San Jose, on Friday, to halt the sale of four Samsung devices, Infuse 4G, Galaxy S 4G, Droid Charge, and Galaxy Tab 10.1.

Apple alleged that the devices copy Apple's mobile devices and make use of its patents and intellectual property without authorization. According to Apple's claim, the Samsung devices collectively infringed on three of Apple's design patents and one utility patent. The message that Samsung conveys to consumers with its imitative smartphone design is simple: 'It's just like an iPhone.' Samsung's Galaxy 10.1 tablet sends a similar message: 'It's just like an iPad,' wrote Apple in the filing.

With the benefit of those messages, Samsung is seeking to take market share by trading off of the popularity of Apple's products, claimed Apple. The move by Apple is the latest in a series of long running Apple-Samsung patent dispute.

Granting Apple's motion is speculated to have disastrous effect on the sales of Samsung's flagship Android-based products which will force Samsung to take the four mobile devices out of US market.

The bold move from Apple is believed to be tactic intended at intimidating Samsung. If Samsung foresees the possibility of its four major Android devices' sale put on hold, it might lead to an early settlement with Apple. But Apple will look weak if Samsung wouldn't care and Apple's motion fails.