Apple plans to launch iTunes Replay, a service for re-downloading and possibly streaming apps, according to a report on Wednesday by  AppAdvice, which touts itself as a resource on the Web for people looking to discover iPhone apps.

Several days before, Apple began to offer free re-downloads of some TV Shows and even to stream them on the Apple TV.

Apple’s iTunes Replay is an extension service for iCloud for free re-downloading of previous purchased music. As Apple secured the remaining rights, it will provide users with TV Shows and Movies in iTunes. An arrow display indicates if they are eligible for “iTunes Replay.” However, some content will be re-downloaded for a maximum of 5 times. How streaming will count towards that limit is unknown.

Users can also use iTunes Replay with content they purchased as far as back as January 2009. The content will be streaming on Apple TV and probably iOS as well.

Internal use of “iTunes Replay” is currently operating for testing purposes until its official public launch. Rumors about “iTunes Replay,” which allow users to re-download the content and stream them, first appeared in 2009. With the development of services such as Spotify and the success of Netflix, Apple will soon turn past dreams into current reality.